Alcohol and Drug Treatment and Assessments

Do you sometimes wonder if your drinking or drug use might be getting out of hand? Talking with a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LCADC) can help you sort out the answers and get your life back on track. We offer:

  • A friendly, non-judgmental environment
    • Addiction is a disorder, not a moral failure. We utilize the latest research and methods to help you get your addiction under control and your life back in order. We don't judge, we don't lecture. Instead, we work with you.
  • Whole-person approach
    • You are more than just the symptoms of your addiction. You are a complete human being who also possesses dreams, hopes, strengths and virtues. This Whole Person treatment approach encourages you to always view yourself as a complete person, while helping you to build insight into the nature and scope of your addiction and develop the tools and resources you need to achieve lasting recovery.
  • Integration with 12-Step Programs
    • Successful recovery programs are built upon strong resources. These include supportive friends and family, healthy lifestyle and activities, peer support groups including those that follow the 12-Step Model, and--especially when you're early in recovery--professional counseling. The services you receive at Milestone Group complement  and augment your other resources.
  • Comprehensive assessments
    • A comprehensive substance abuse assessment consists of completing the Addiction Severity Index, which is a widely used self-inventory questionnaire. The assessment also takes into account the results of four random, weekly urine drug screens that you will be asked to submit.
  • On-site Urine testing
    • We make it easy. No need to go to an outside lab. We use a 12-panel drug screen that includes the EtG extended ETOH screen.