Your Personal Growth is Our Passion!

Looking to make positive changes in your life but you're unsure of where or how to begin? Wondering if professional counseling or psychotherapy can benefit you? Don't know exactly what to expect?

Finding a therapist who's right for you doesn't have to be daunting or scary. At Milestone Group, we've made this process both easy and meaningful. Let us show you how we can help you to achieve positive and lasting personal growth. We offer:

  • Collaborative, goal-focused, research-driven
  • 24/7 emergency clinician on-call
  • Accessible by ferry, bus and car
  • All calls returned within one business day
  • Flexible appointments including same- or next-day
  • Customized, individual treatment
  • In-person as well as online sessions from the comfort of your home

Our Mission

We at Milestone Group pledge to provide superior counseling, coaching and psychotherapy to every man, woman and child whom we serve, both within New Jersey’s Bayshore Area and beyond.

By utilizing the most current, empirically supported techniques and interventions, we shall empower them to know themselves better…find greater meaning for their lives…and become all they can be. We further pledge to respect the dignity and basic human rights of every client, family member, associate, and employee who walks through our doors.

We undertake this mission with empathy…unconditional positive regard for all persons…and unwavering professional and ethical standards.

Core Values

We affirm that all people, no matter what problems they struggle with—mental health, relationships, academic and occupational stress, or addictions—have within themselves an indelible spirit, the desire to achieve positive and lasting growth. We celebrate this human spirit and pledge to:

  • Respect and serve, to the best of our abilities and training, every individual—and his or her family—who walks through our door seeking our help.
  • Adhere strictly to the ethical and moral standards of our profession, by always keeping abreast of current research in the behavioral health field and through competent and respectful collaboration with fellow professionals and colleagues